The HOA took a vote recently and decided to have the exterior of our buildings repainted. Although I can’t take credit for the idea itself, I thought this was an excellent choice. There are a couple units up for sale and they honestly have been for awhile. It was time to do something to increase their desirability. The owners had done their part, so now it was time for the HOA to step up. If the whole community gets painted at the same time, our development will look more appealing. The theory is that a fresh coat of paint might attract potential buyers, and maybe then we won’t have to worry about these empty condos anymore. One can only hope, right? I couldn’t really see a downside, either. If this ploy to attract buyers didn’t work, we still have a freshly painted neighborhood. I don’t see how that’s a loss, especially since it probably needed to be done anyway. I honestly couldn’t remember if the buildings were supposed to be white or light grey, and I don’t think many of the other HOA members really remembered, either. So it was definitely time.

I did the hiring through a bid system and found a reputable local company willing to do it for a decent rate. The company told me they had another job ahead of ours and that they’d contact me when they were ready to start. I hadn’t gotten a call for about two weeks, and it went to the back of my mind. Then I heard the sound of some loud equipment starting up one morning on my way out for a walk. I looked over and there was the painting crew. I asked them what the machine was and they told me that they use an air compressor for painting exteriors. They can run paint sprayers directly from the compressor and it helps them get the job done faster. They try to use electric sprayers indoors, as they make less noise and then you don’t have gas or oil-lubricated compressors running indoors—with me and my asthma, I sure appreciated hearing that.

Armed with this new information, I headed off for my walk. It took me about an hour and when I went past the paint crew again, I saw that they had the corner condo already done and were working on the place next door. I couldn’t believe it! And the color—so white! The condo owner’s pink tulips out front looked amazing up against the crisp exterior paint job. Now THAT is some serious curb appeal!

It only took them a couple of days to get the whole complex painted, and came in a day under their estimate. Wow, don’t I look like a genius for hiring them now! I also heard that at least one of the units has had several showing since the painting and the other one might be going under contract as early as next week. So it looks like our plan worked! I really think that doing something like this showed potential buyers that we are invested in our little community here.