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Weekend Warrior!

My friends and family hear me say quite often “come along for the ride.” The invitation is open to anyone who likes adventure. Most people don’t get nearly enough, so if they are lucky like me they can become “weekend warriors.” You just have to make time and set your mind to hitting road with that favorite road bike. I just purchased a new one and I want to get my money’s worth out of it. So it is going into use this very next weekend. It is a great bike, sure to provide top-tier performance, safety, and comfort. Good design and ergonomics was tops on my list in making a selection. All in all, price is no object.

What is a typical road journey for me? It starts in the early morning when the air is fresh and clear. The bike is readied in less than a half an hour, and I pack a lunch and some snacks. When I am assured that everything is in working order, I set off for my favorite trails. I like a variety of rough and tumble and flat and easily where I let it go. While there is excitement in the challenge and I have a love of the great outdoors, riding is also a great way to stay fit. It is as the top of my list of good workouts followed by the gym ellipse, yoga, jogging, and boating. I find that I enjoy it alone or accompanied by thrill-seeking friends. I don’t want to be with any hangers back. I want to keep up the action and all parties must be on board.

I like to maintain my own bike after a good session on the trails and have learned to service it properly. This way you have the convenience of cleaning and oiling it up in the convenience of your home garage. No toting it to the cyclery and waiting for it to return. It is become a more frequent obsession so it takes more and more care. That is part and parcel of the sport of course. It is like looking after a rifle if you are a hunter or staining the wood areas of your boat if you are a sailor. If you ski, you have to use wax, if you play basketball, you need to put air in the ball occasionally. If you swim, you see to it that your goggles don’t leak. No hiker worth his or her salt would forget to waterproof the boots. Every pastime has its adjunct activity. I love learning more about road bikes from On Road and Mountain Magazine and how to change out parts and upgrade the basics. This way I will have a trendy bike year after year.

When you ride with me, you are transformed, as I am, into a spirited soul. You go like the wind and let the elements sweep through your hair. You feel all the strength of your being congregate with your body motion, producing a euphoric thrill.