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Little Improvements

I can really get into my job sometimes, making it more fun than chore. When you deal with people, you naturally have a lot of interaction. It goes with the territory. When it is a condo community, it entails all types from different backgrounds, professions, and of varying ages. We have a mixture to be sure. You want to keep everyone happy as hard as that might be at times since everyone has an opinion. This one wants a new stair covering; that one wants new pool tile. This one wants camouflage trees at the edge of the property; that one wants more rose bushes to prune. It is all about budgets and how much money to appropriate year by year, but in the long run people where I work are pretty content.

I care about the condo community and making everything around the property work. I have to deal with landscaping and sprinkling systems, common spaces, and electrical problems. I have been known to plant a few beds of flowers, install new lighting, and repair garden chairs. I have had to research gym equipment and how much pool chlorine to buy. Sometimes you have to get pretty technical. For example, recently I put a dehumidifier with a pump in the clubhouse to help draw excess moisture from the air. It can get pretty muggy for folks in the environs and they welcome the addition. Come summer in particular, they really appreciate it. Those with asthma want to kiss my feet! I didn’t realize the extent of the problem. I put it in to help with mold and mildew, but the appliance can do so much more.

But why a pump you ask? What’s so special? Mindful of maintenance chores, I wanted a machine that would do its job without requiring excessive water tank changes. With a built-in condensate pump, you don’t need one. Okay, you pay more, but it is well worth it for sheer convenience. No one wants to empty tanks or buckets in their spare time. Someone has to do chores.

The pump operates off of an existing water system such as a furnace, washing machine outlet pipe, sink, or other type of drain. They are a boon particularly for the elderly as they are less messy and more practical. You want what the dehumidifier has to offer, but not at the price of the excessive labor needed to maintain it. Since we rotate responsibility at the clubhouse, looking after the dehumidifier inevitably falls in everyone’s lap.

The dehumidifier was one of my most popular little improvements. I have many, but they are not all on the same par. As for this wonder machine, no one objected and everyone got on board. The condo community did have to chip in to pay for it but there were no complaints. It was voted a definite “yes” unanimously. Choosing the right model was part of the reason I garnered so much support. Not having a bucket was genius.