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Upgrades for Your Condo: wine fridge

When you rent a unit in a larger building, you get the amenities provided, and the rest is up to you. The basics are always there for the most part – stoves, refrigerators, dishwashers, and microwaves – but you always wish there was more. You are on your own in the extras department, and frankly, each and every one of us would choose something different.

Some people, if given the option, would love a central vacuum system. Others would crave a two-sink bathroom or a built-in toaster oven. Beyond the necessities of household life are icemakers, wine fridges, and ceiling fans. We know we pay a big HOA fee, so let’s see some of it in action!

As a person with asthma, I think about breathing all of the time. Every intake is the source of life. I don’t want to equate this vital physiological process with something as mundane as wine, but frankly, I am going to. Sitting here sipping a nice full glass of cabernet, it comes to my mind that this stuff has to breathe as well. Real fans of the grape will decant their favorite year and let it sit awhile. Or they can use a wine aerator, a very handy little device that turns ordinary into excellent as quickly as it can pour out.

But before all this breathing goes on, you have to keep your wine at the perfect temperature. Here’s where the best wine refrigerator comes in. Aficionados will laugh if you say you keep your reds and whites both in the same kitchen refrigerator. Bah! They would be the first to upgrade their condos with a dual control cooler—under counter or free-standing—take your pick. They know how important it is to have just the right degree of chill before serving. I am learning this fast.

Yes, I am thinking of one of these units myself to house the many offerings I receive from friends and family. A bottle, imported or domestic, is a great host gift. If you entertain, you will get them in bulk. Why not put them in a place where they can age gracefully and come out better than before. Once you have one, you will wonder how you used to get by.

Wine fridges don’t have to be enormous. They come in compact condo sizes, referred to as “slim.” They have glass fronts so you can see what’s inside and they are stainless steel beauties that add to the décor. This is, in fact, what I would choose. It’s enough to free the refrigerator and make room for other nutritional items. I like the idea of having a collection of sorts, even if only on a modest scale.

A wine cooler can run a couple of hundred dollars, even for the diminutive model. It pays to read the reviews and see what’s out there and what is preferred. While a dual zone is most desirable since reds and whites should be treated differently, this feature is most likely in larger units. But you can find whatever you want and need if you do the legwork. As for me, I want sleek and stylish to go with my décor.