Smoke Free Housing in California -

You Can Quit Smoking, Too


Many smokers want to quit. Their habit is expensive. They are worried about the people around them, and they are well aware of the dangers associated with cigarette smoking. However, plenty of them are terrified about the possibilities involved with quitting, knowing that it is very difficult to accomplish indeed. These people should know that quitting is easier than ever before today, and that they will have the support of all of society behind them if they decide to quit now.

There was a stigma against quitting smoking when I was growing up. Today, smokers carry the stigma. There were no hotlines for people quitting smoking, no nicotine patches, and no brands of nicotine gum when I was growing up either. Today, smokers have access to all of the above.

You will improve your health when you quit smoking. You will improve the health of others by helping to create a smoke-free culture. A lot of the damage that you have done to your body is partly reversible if you quit smoking now. Quitting will be difficult at first, but countless people have done so successfully, and you can do the same. Most people don’t gain more than ten pounds after quitting smoking, which will have a negligible effect on your health, and may even be beneficial for some smokers. Everyone around you deserves to breathe free, and so do you.