Smoke Free Housing in California -

Restricting Smoking is Better for Everyone


When a condominium complex catches on fire, dozens of families can lose their homes all at once. Everything that they have worked for and everything that they own can be gone in an instant. In some cases, the fire will not spread to other households because the fire department will arrive in time, and they will be able to slow down the spread of the flames. In other cases, a fire can absolutely devastate an apartment complex, leaving hundreds of people homeless and destroying their possessions.

One of the most common causes of condominium fires is a stray cigarette. People who smoke are starting miniature fires each and every day. They might be responsible with some of these fires, but starting that many fires all day and every day is just going to raise the odds that one of them is going to get out of control. The fact that smokers do cause so many fire-related accidents should be of no surprise to anyone.

When you reserve designated smoking areas, you will make these fires that much less likely to happen. The potential fires that might start in these designated smoking areas will probably not reach the condos themselves, assuming that the designated smoking areas are positioned properly. Smokers will be able to practice their habit much more safely.

Smokers will also be more likely to dispose of the tobacco products properly if they have to have designated smoking areas. People have to make a minor or a major trip in order to get there, and they will tend to make a show of it. They won’t casually toss away cigarettes under those circumstances. Smoking will not be something that they do casually when they actually have to set aside time and energy in order to get it done.

Smokers who are able to smoke casually will tend to abuse that privilege. This trend may not apply to all smokers, but it applies to enough of them that it is worthy of addressing and acknowledging. They will tend to litter and toss around the remains of their cigarettes, which has a huge effect on the local landscaping. People who live in condos will often have to deal with piles of cigarette butts outside. Cigarette butts are also toxic, leaching pollution into the soil and potentially serving as something for wildlife and pets to eat. Smokers who have their designated smoking areas complete with ashtrays will be less likely to treat the world like it is just another ashtray for them to use at their leisure.

Ultimately, of course, smokers need to be separated from the other people in buildings when they are smoking because of the effect that their habit has on the local air quality. The smoke that they exhale doesn’t just fade away, even though it looks that way. The people living on the second and third levels of the condo buildings are going to be inhaling the toxins all the while, and the smell makes it perfectly obvious what it is that they are inhaling at that time.

Smokers are potentially harming the people who have medical conditions that are easily aggravated by cigarette smoke, and there are plenty of people like that. They are exposing healthy people to dangerous toxins. Since smokers will typically take in a pack of cigarettes a day or more, they certainly aren’t exposing people to a negligible quantity of cigarettes, either. The air around smokers is literally a hundred times as toxic as the air around anyone who isn’t smoking, and all of those toxins are diffusing into the lungs of anyone in the vicinity when the smokers are actually indulging in their habit. This simply has to be the sort of thing that they will only do elsewhere.

Having that level of air pollution in a heavily populated area is not reasonable, and it is not reasonable for smokers to expect that they can simply carry out their habit in front of their condos or on the balcony of their condos just because it is more convenient than going to a designated smoking area.